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Build Your Own Champion - Scratch Building Seminar

Build Your Own Champion - Scratch Building Seminar

$ 15.00 CAD

Sat August 19th 2:00 pm
Sat August 19th 5:00 pm
$ 15.00 CAD

Scratch that Itch

Use the most interesting items to customize your minis!

Scratch building is the process of creating a figure, or components for a figure, out of Found materials. The easiest material to work with for scratch building is Plasticard, though inspiration for things that can be used can come form anywhere. Scratch building can be as simple as changing up a weapon to one of your own design, to as complex as building a complete tank out of nothing more then sheets of Plastic.
Jack's On Queen hosts this event and will kit you out with a mini and materials to Scratch Build YOUR CHAMPION!
$15.00 Tax Included per head

Tags: Scratch building, hobby, minis
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