M:TG Double Masters VIP Booster Box

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    Double Masters, a set filled to the brim with powerful and popular reprints. So full, in fact, WoTC had to put two rare or mythic rare cards in each pack! And keeping in the spirit of doubling your experience, WoTC will be replacing Collector Boosters with something they've called the VIP Edition (for this product only). We'll have more details on what that is as we get a little closer to release, but it will be filled to the brim with awesome stuff.

    Double Masters

    Release Date: August 7, 2020

    • Configuration:
      35 Cards per Unit / 4 Units per box

      Check back soon for more information!


      • 21 premium cards
      • 10 Full-art basic lands
      • 2 Full-art premium lands
      • 2 tokens

    - $491.15

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