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    With its roomy interior, handy dividers & TWO carrying straps, our stylish Quiver Playing Card Case gives you an easier way to organize & transport your game cards.
    All accessories are presented in the “ACCESORIES” tab of this product.

    Love playing Magic: the Gathering, Cards Against Humanity, Yugioh & similar games? Now you can keep your game cards (or sports cards) neatly organized and easily carry them anywhere…with our premium Quiver Game Carrying Case.

    More Room for More Stuff in your new Playing Card Case

    Unlike other cases, our Quiver Card Case provides maximum storage capacity space for:

    • 1,350 unsleeved new cards OR
    • 770 sleeved new cards OR
    • 625 double-sleeved new cards OR
    • 8 Ultra Pro Deck Boxes OR
    • 6 Pro-Deck Boxes OR
    • 7 Legion Card Boxes + 30 sleeved cards OR
    • 3 Satin Tower Deck Boxes + 70 sleeved cards

    Your Quiver Case also comes with 100 Apollo transparent card sleeves, perfectly sized for all standard game & sports cards.

    With every Quiver Case order, we donate $1 to provide board & card games for orphaned children.

    - $56.00

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